Poem: Christmas Dove 2022


In my home Christmas brings hope, of a new song

With jolly hearts, notes of a parent’s love:

And Christmas gifts—the breath of God

In my home, there is colorful lights, memories,

Of rich, choir doves, and wealth, of great family hugs:

Delightful feast—that feed the hungry, when love,

Meets weary feet, warm cups of chocolate love:

In my home, beautiful smiles, love never leave, too long

But returns, with hope, great news, bringing joy

Of the wealth of a mother’s love and dad’s mighty hug:

In my home nothing but gratitude to know we are loved

And the memories of one amazing royal angel, Christmas dove:

This is what I ask the one above, to have those who are chosen

to be my parents upon this earth to bring nothing but great,

Wise, kind, respectful and compassionate—love.

Empress Journee