Poem: Courtship Songs 2023
Photo Credit:  Edward Cisneros

The songster sings so tunefully,

Powerfully—clearly, roots courtship songs,

Artical’ songs, that at times carries me

Through the blues, carries me across the ocean

Touching and quieting disturbances

Of our love, carries me through the valley

And the highest mountain,

carries me in his arms

Like a mother carries her child

With safety and genuine love:

I imagine him and I holding hands,

Dancing, smiling—as we are one,’

He is my king, his crown invisible, visible

He stands mighty strong, even in the storm,

Rain, the sunshine, even in the ice cold,

His love unmatchable:

The fire in him, keep us warm.

The songster sings mighty songs, roots,

Conscious, binge,’ deep bass, artical’

authentic, natural rhythm, natural songs,

like the gentle—mighty wind, calling,

to be attentive, agreeable, to the heart,

as he sings to the universe,

Through the instrument,

through his vocal cord,

As he sings, I sense his sincere presence,

I sense his sincere love.

Empress Journee