Poem: Dear Lord

Photo credit: Visual Karsa

Some people don’t know how to pray,

Take you seriously, some feel prayer,

Is for the insane:

Some people—lost faith as they go about,

Their day to day; help them even if they stray,

To find their way, see the light—your love every day:

And some are young, just getting, to know you

Still, come what may they pray:

So, I ask you today, Lord, let me be the one,

That rise up each morning—as I take breath,

To give thanks, because you have blessed,

My parents, children, love ones, so beautifully;

For that I ask you, breathe more blessings—over my life,

Their life; I want to know you, more and more each day,

So that I don’t cause myself, anymore shame, grief,

And anyone sorrow or pain.

Empress Journee