Poem: Fall Season Time 2023
Photo Credit: Aaron Burden

I love fall, season time, it reminds me of those joyful,

Cozy moments’ walk, sometime, with my true love, inner child:

Smiling with the wind of fiery, burning path light

And everything feel so right:

I love fall season, for I am, fascinated with the idea

Of lover’s being in romance, wooing the heart,

Like sweet musical chime, wishing love gentle

To the heart, ear, add whispers of cool breeze,

Fill with a happy smile:

I love fall season time, the colors are eye catching,

Orange, red, green, yellow, gold, blooms,

Oh, so lovely, oh, so mild:

Not because, fall is spooky, like Hall-O-Ween time:

Or someone trying to play tricks or treat games

To haunt one’s soul, and traumatize the mind:

I love falls season, because it brings a touch, 

Of cold season, that refreshes the earth,  

Refreshes, the soul, body, and mind:

I love fall season because it brings, 

Beautiful friendship, a scent of fresh early 

And late evening cool wind, in the morning 

And in the evening time:

I love fall season because, it keeps me feeling,

True love is on the rise, in the heart, 

Always right un-time, that gives me hope,

That keeps me feeling, so wealthy, 

So rich, so alive!

Empress Journee