Poem: Getting to know the King

Photo Credit: Trent Haaland

I was not in the plan, only those who states,

the scripture is where we must begin:

I look in the mirror speaking nice,

upful words as I sing,

“Majesty, worship his majesty!”

Sometimes, I see God, far and distant,

close to the heart, joyfully not sad:

Sometimes, I see God, wise, large,

powerful, a magnificent man:

Sometimes I see God strong, colorless,

sometimes has a broken black man,

Deep in pain, lost and unheard:

Sometimes I see God like a torn down tree,

Bring us all down to our knees,

Mighty as the wind: Sometimes, as a beautiful note,

A poetic song, like the weather changes,

Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring,

As the morning rise and I lay my head at night,

Remind myself we can be gone as a blink:

As I hold my heart, I think of the King,

And the wedding bells that ring:

Sometimes I see God, gentle,

Precious, in every woman!

Then I found out I just may be wrong:

Sometimes I see God, has a white man

— my savior, today he is beautiful,

Tomorrow deceptive, looking for a prey

– quietly sad, see himself higher than the King:

Sometimes, I feel I am not in God’s plan,

But I remember that God’s presence,

Is everywhere, he is not partial,

He loves everyone: Still, I rejoice the day,

I will meet, see more beauty of God in man,

and hope he is kind, precious,

Giving, more loving, gracious than every one!

Empress Journee