Poem:  Guardian Angel Could that Be You?
Photo Credit: Olia Gozha

Great heart, fierce, strong, or beautiful, 

serene & divine—assigned, to keep us on point, 

When we walk, in places that may not welcome,

Our presence or be safe — right: 

Guardian Angel could that be you?

Helps us follow a path, that lift our spirit, 

Higher and closer — to our divine self; 

The greatness that is our true assignment:

And when one feel sorrow, unsure of tomorrow,

Somehow, by the grace of the source, you guardian angel,

Makes one heart smile; Help us to make things right,

Even in the darkest of night: If no one ever say,

Thank you along the way, dearest guardian angels,

For every moment your presence, alert, see danger,

Whether we are young or old, protects the innocent,

Even the unruly, confuse, and God’s humble child,

You are a to me, a mighty life savior — a great help,

in each of our miles!

Empress Journee