Poem: Happy Mother’s Day 2023!

Photo Credit: Zoe Schaeffer

M  is for the wealth you shower to I & I

Reminding us to develop the inner self

And achieving financial independence daily.

O  is for obedience that you taught us,

Regardless of who is wrong, leave the

Consequence to him and see the greater light .

T  is for the great teachers that helps us to rise,

To reconnect, to the truth of who we are,

Especially at times, when one feels

not in sync within.

H  is for spiritual happiness at the deep core,

Of our soul, when we are feeling very low;

Your presence, joy, erase all sadness within,

Allows us to know, we are whole.

E  is for elegance, a refined grace,

That move through us, a supreme elegance,

That is what you required of us, as a whole.

R  is for the spiritual race that we must run,

In a way that brings victory, that hinders our success

And walk with Christ, “I command this of I & I!”

All these letters are written out to remind us,

Supreme love, is what the world, should be!

Jah Rastafari, enlighten I & I !!

Empress Journee

Happy Mother’s Day 2023 to all mothers, King Selassie!