Poem: I Am a Billionaire in Spirit!

Photo Credit: Andreas Klassen

“I Am a billionaire!”

In my cells, in my genes,

beautiful I Am!

In my songs, like clean water;

That cleanses every part of me:

“Beautiful and wealthy, I AM!”

In my thoughts, in my spirit

In my walk

In my heart

In my love “I Am wealthy!”

“Look at me!”

“I am a billionaire;

“Wealthy as can be!”

The highest wealth is peace within,

I call forth in the deepest part of me:

“I Am a billionaire,”

“A beautiful billionaire!”

“Look at me — don’t be deceived,

By what, you cannot see!”

That’s why cash flow so easily:

‘The source – God, continue,

To help, cover, protect, provide,

And blesses me!!!!

Empress Journee