Poem: I AM- A children Poetry

Photo credit: James Day


 A Tr_____.

Strong like the oak,

Dare to touch M_____ !

I can change into anything,

Like magic, fast like a sailfish in the ocean,

In the S___a;  like a lion, cheetah, black panther,

Look at M_____!

*colorful, bright, float like a butterfly,

Yellow, like a, bumble B______.

I have no need for air to breathe,

Under the water my gills do the work,

I swim among many

I too can S_____e!

Dare to be like M_____!

I Am a Tr_____ with great branches,

 Wide, strong, thin, long,

Give shades in the morning, afternoon, evening,

My strength is never done,

I stand, tall, erect—I command respect,

I stand bold, Grounded;

Can’t be Out done,

I am not a S______e  nor a H_____!

Wouldn’t you love to be like M_____ ?

Through spring, summer, fall and winter,

I bare fruits, kiss the wind and catch the S_____ n,

 I am like the cypress—empty,

The mango, the beautiful palm,

Like the banana Tr ____ !

Sweet, tasteless, tart, hard, full,

The coconut, peach, apple, the guinep,

You guess right I am almost D______E!

Who Am I?

Count 1,2, 3!

I write, I dance, I S______ g!

I use my hands to let the school bell R________ g!

Yes, you guess that I Am;

Here I come!

Now play the bass, roll the D________N!

I can be small, big, red or a green Pl________!

A fruit, a food, a fish, a tree, a bee—a bright S_____N!

A wise old soul that I A____!

 The fastest, wisest, I Am the Rising Golden Poetic SUN!

Empress Journee

*In honor of Muhammad Ali