Poem: I Am a Mighty King

Photo credit: Ahmad Odeh

Do you Know I have a soul, said Bari?

What is a soul, said Jade? Its’ beautiful, so beautiful,

Inside my body, never too young and never too old:

So kind and gentle, its like Heaven I was told,

We cannot see, the soul that longs to be free;

not cage like you and Beea!

Jade! “Do you know I can fly, said Bari?”

How can you fly, said Jade?”

I climb the tallest tree, stretch my arms, close my eyes  & pretend,

I am an eagle moving about gracefully, with the clouds & wind;

I am on top of the world feeling free, not cage like you & Beea!

Jade! Do you know I can sing, said Bari?”  “Is that everything, said Jade?”

No! Here it goes, “I am a King, a Royal, Mighty handsome King!

I am a King, I am a King! I am a Mighty Handsome King!

Now you know I can sing, feeling free, not cage like you and Beea’

I know I was meant to be free!!! I Am free!!!  Yes I am free!!!

I Am free and you too can be, said Bari !!!

Empress Journee