Poem: I Am a Mother 12222021
Photo Credit: Aditya Romansa

I Am a Mother!

My mothering skills are excellent, 

Beautiful; They allow my youth 

To mature—rise; Like a gracious flower,

Take charge, day & night! 

Like a mighty thunder that gives,

Warning to stop, think and be wise:

I Am a Mother!  

My mothering heart, jovial, sacred,

Filled, with hope, faith & pure affection:

My mothering eyes—like a dove, watching over,

Her true love, day and night: 

I Am a Mother 

That prepares, her young ones, 

To take flight, with all their might:

I Am a Mother, a great Mother, 

A beautiful Mother, that is what I am: 

I am God, greatest love and delight!!!

Empress Journee