Poem: I Am Not My Dad

Photo Credit: James Besser

I am not my dad, but I am glad

that I did not come out, so I think,

‘Worse,’ than anything:

With my distinct nose, natural hair,

Great smile, dimples, beautiful shades,

with a glow, that make me smiles

makes those chattering voice, envy,

The very thought of my presence

The very thought of him:

Leave some displease with a frown

That I love myself, that I still love him

the one I really did not know—the one

that made my heart at times weep, at the end

of my brink, with a grim.

I am not my dad but I am thankful,

Grateful, that I look somewhat like him

It gives me reason to try harder,

Be better, think wisely, than what,

I think of him: That he had flaws, just like me,

That he had sins just like me,

That he is forgiven, just like me,

So, I write this poetic love notes

To set my heart and mind free,

Rise above ‘gloom,’ graciously I speak

To the self, to my great mother

And to the hope greater than him,

Who lives deep within.

Empress Journee