Poem: I Celebrate Our Connection 2023

Photo Credit: Olena Sergienko

One day, I will write a love story

About Him and I

Watching the moon at the ocean as the sun rise:

No fairy tale of sleepy beauty, Hansel and Gretel,

Cinderella gone wild,

Or about a life that was so unkind.

One day I will trust my heart

And mind, write sweet poetic

Mellow, gracious songs that favors him and I

Commanding fruitfulness in our lives:

His affectionate ways, strength, heart

His discipline smile—beam

Like the moon and the stars, shine at night:

The way he holds my attention,

Our presence—well dignified

Empower each one that passes us by:

That God’s reflection, truth, and love,

Is in our heart, is in our eyes.

One day, is today, I command, write,

And celebrate, my declaration to the self,

To the man I have met—in my dreams,

In the present, how we both,

Should and must begin our lives.

Empress Journee