Poem: My Caribbean Love 2023
Photo Credit: Matthew Brodeur

My Caribbean love, I miss, you my beloved:

Your arms wrapped around my waist, 
your great big smile, laughter, 
I can’t erase from my mind: 
at the time that never made me cry,
even if it was a moment, even if it was years
even if it was a dream in my own head,
even if it was like the wind, that pass by:

I miss you my Caribbean love:

The dazzling stars, moonlit—night, that brought us
to a place of jubilee, made our heart smile:
beating in poetic ways across the great sea, across the miles, 
made our heart thrive, to a beautiful courtship, that was not hostile:
Yet, I found out it was not my time; It was self-preservation, 
even at the risk of my life: to seek favor, from another 
that touches your life, who seem stronger, wealthier, and wiser than I:
Who wish to be in your arms, just  like I: And my thoughts tells me, 
I should have, been much wise, but its’ ok my beloved,
I had my moment, and it was a lesson, that I won’t hide, 
that cannot be undone even if I wanted to, even if I try:

Still, my mind tells me, keep dreaming, believing that one day 
it will work out right: I wouldn’t wish you to be sad, like the pitfalls
Of not seeing the path I took, made my hearts weep, and maybe yours
in the night:  prevent us from soaring, prevent our hearts from smiling
Sitting at home thinking of a soul, that seek his own goal,
who is now a stranger, gone out of my life, though, my thoughts 
reminds me, we were young, foolish, though my thoughts scream,
'Freedom is mine,' though my thoughts may say, ‘You’re in the wrong,
I must remember, the lessons, of acknowledging my own wrongs
and the trial times, that taught me where I went wrong, to move on, 
even when it seems, it has been a long time:

Still, I do miss you, ‘my Caribbean love: 

Yet, I am learning, love is not controlling, 
love is compassionate, love is kind, 
love allow the soul to be joyful, free from bondage, 
without a bargain, love is, freedom, a sacrifice:

Still, 'I do miss, you my beloved, 

I miss your Caribbean arms, that once made 
My heart dance, made my heart felt your presence
like a beautiful poetic romance: a love that increase joy 
to the heart, a love that teach us about our rights and wrongs: 
Now, let me apologize, for leaving your presence 
in such a way that was unpolite:
Yet, I know now, that I need to do the best I can
As I command my heart, to speak, dance, 
In such a way that is gracious, when I can:
As I imagine, cool breeze, touching my body in the midnight
And the scent of fresh ocean, clean soft sand; sliding,
through my toes, as I think of us  holding hands:  
listening to songs that brings us closer, like the palm wind, 
mellow, embracing peace, in our romance: 
I reminisce, the joy when I first met you, 
this wasn’t by a chance, that brought my heart melodic songs 
and when we parted, it was time, that left me with a gift
of true poetic romance; 

Still, I must say, I miss you, my sweet Caribbean love!’

© 2023 Empress Journee