Poem: I Dream 2022

Photo Credit:  Travel-Cents

I dream I am in a movie, that allows me to shine

Tastefully, gracefully, beautifully dress, hair in place,

nice home, land, that is all mine.

I am at my best and with the one, that is important,

To my heart, who appreciate, my presence, at my side,

Wish for my success, as I thrive.

I dream I am in a movie, that sees me with his heart

eyes, as classy, funny, free, better than sweet grape

wine, let me know, ‘I am a winner, valued, respected

All the time.

I Dream I am in a movie, that is real, powerful

Safe, regal, make millions for him, my love ones and I’

And I continually shine, shine, shine all the time!

Empress Journee