Poem: I Had Wait for You

Photo credit: Roberto Nickson

In the night where the moon glows, and stars seem dim,

Far out of reach and my sight: I peep through the shades, of my window,

That seems ‘love,’ has gone, and everything, is dull, not right;

I had waited for you, in the day, as I watch the great, and beautiful sunrise:

I remember your memorable eyes, your wide and affectious smile;

The way you walk—amongst giants, being with you,

It seems it was all worthwhile: I remember how you save me,

From myself—when I was not wise, from being insane, to stay alive,

—and ‘joy’ would fill my heart, like you were a firefly,

That light up the gloomiest hours of the night,

When we were together—not apart; how your precious love,

Touched my heart: Now it is silence, not you, that meets me,

In the darkest wee hour of the night,

And the day, remind me I can see God grandest light;

As I listen to your beautiful melody, with you and I — recorded:

The tears once flow heavily, now gone; has been replaced,

With God’s melody—love for me, since I gave up the fight.

Empress Journee,