Poem: I love you

Photo credit: Lea Khreiss

i thought I heard him say:

In silence—do you?”

I want to say!

I stand looking at his perplex face,

my mind wish to tell him: where I’m at,

feel as if it was the worse of place;

I was frightened: at those unfamiliar faces,

when I was displace.

Your fingers did not find me,

to wipe the many droplet of tears.

Still, “I love you!”

I can hear whispers shout,

in my dream:“ it’s a big disgrace!”

to think that love save you from Help1 space;

“for heaven sake!”—my head scream,

that was mean!’ So it seems;


In my time of need; still I love you,

I must not be ungrateful:

for I was given grace!

Empress Journee