Poem: ‘I Ring the Alarm’

Photo Credit: Marquise de Photographie

They wish for me to forget, what was done to me

Allowing me to feel cage in my own memories,

The nightmare that haunts me:

They wish for me to forget

What was done to our family

What I had done in my silent rage

In my hurt, my shame to those

Who resemble somewhat like me:

And I tried so hard even in the silence

Of my scream, even in the silence

Of my dreams, even in the silence

Of my own agony—I began to speak up

Speak out—my dismay, to those

Who would hear me

Who didn’t expect that of me

To those who may be consume

With their own lives

Their own agony—their own silent hell:

To those whose heart maybe trouble

To those whose spirit is gentle and mild

To those who are eager to hear

My poetic notes lines—my story

I ring the alarm in urgency

Unveiling the hypocrisy

They which to silence my existence

As I declare and decree freedom

From white and dark lies

God places more forgiveness in me:

Open my eyes, to another chance to get it right

As I listen to the sagacious wise

I must continue to forgive me.

Empress Journee