Poem: I Rise with the Breath of Life

Photo Credit: Savvas Kalimeris

Sometimes in my alone time

I think of what is

And what is not

Of love one’s— present,

Love ones passed on

The sign of times,

The uncertainty of life

And the cavity of my chest,

Feels like a remote, empty chamber,

Cold at times, warm at times,

In the brokenness of my life

And I began to sing aloud,

To the songs of beautiful dreams,

I wished for myself—for my love ones,

For those who hearts cry;

For my future life—be bright:
I listen to the glorious songs,

That brings peace, honor,

That fills my heart with sweet messages,

that brings tears, joy, many times

As I see the morning light, as I rise

I remember the message, the words

That Jesus surely is alive;

And I think, ‘Lord, do not pass me by,’

And there you prove it each time

With the sunrise and the breath of life.

Empress Journee