Poem: I Speak @ 5222020

Photo credit: Clay Banks 

…………………………. When I am blessed,

With a husband; let him be wiser than,

The great Solomon, strong, mighty,

Hold God to the highest esteem,

Respect, honor and stand out amongst man:

When I am blessed with a husband,

His body can withstand the storm,

Hurricane and his eyes are like the cleanest,

Pure and beautiful ocean:

When I am blessed with a husband,

His mind is Christ conscious,

He knows his worth; he is valued, handsome,

Great, a brilliant man; His love for me is like,

A river that is pure, runs deep;

Cherish my heart—tenderly,

As he holds my hand, side by side,

“I will be the prize, worth more, than a trillion,

The victory, the champion, he has won,

For now, I want to please, meet God expectation!!

Empress Journee