Poem: I was Born to Succeed

Photo Credit: Rebecca

“Don’t you know, that I was born to succeed,
Even in a race that is competitive and may not be for me:
To live, also, the American dream?” That is told to me?”
“Is it only for those who are exceptionally favored
In their words to succeed?”
“Don’t you know, I too wish to received,
God stamp, of approval in his favor, a loving family,
Loving surroundings, loving friends, a beautiful home,
In great harmony?” “Is that a sin, or too much to ask?”
“Is that too much to dream?”
Still, I command great favors over my life,
My love ones and my community;
That which is magnificent, that which is so beautiful,
That which seems impossible, a place that was told to me:
I am dreaming, I am believing, I have received great resources,
Great wealth, great life, for myself,  love ones,
For all those, who has come, in contact with me:
I remember what it feels not to be loved:
I remember what it feels to be loved:
The gentle touch of a loving hands
The sweet words that was shared each day
Like a great romance, in his love letter,
to his daughter—I, for all to see,
The miracles of his truth,
—that I am royal, a part of his brilliancy:
As I write, as I dream, I may not look the part,
As what you expect to see, yet, my beloved presence,
Voice, breathe life into me, he allows me to rise
He allow me to know, the depth of his love:
—Now, that is success, that is truly peace!

Empress Journee