Poem: I Will Rejoice
Photo Credit: Andres Herrera

I will rejoice, to what is to come

Bright, marvelous, brilliant,

That is the I am.

I will rejoice, to what has not come

Say bye, to the past that has held me down:

To the future, that brings great horizon

In void, when misrepresented, not by love

When misunderstood, I will rejoice,

For hope speaks, to my heart in silence

Saying, ‘I am not forgotten,

Love is the “I Am!”

I will rejoice to the King songs

That uplift my heart

Knowing ‘I am not alone’

That I am God’s greatest love

I will hum to his brilliant humble songs

And rejoice to the gifts of the greatest ‘I am!‘

Yes, I will Rejoice when love seems scares

I will remember his sacrifice

—his precious love!

Empress Journee