Poem: I Will Wait For My Change

Photo credit: Ben White 

Some speak elaborate words that woo many to their side:

Some speak in silence that touches the Universe, way above the sky;

Some speak with many tongues reaching many nations,

While some speak using sign language—not at all;

Some make promises that win, true love over,

to carry them to beautiful places none as ever travel—so far:

Some make promises as a diversion, never follow through,

And break most young hearts:

Some stand back, watch and observe, and pray—with a kind heart,

And let God help save those who were used, broken—in our  flaws:

Some soar; go the distant, without expectation or a reward;

I sing and sing to my soul—my God who has taken me this far,

And working, in his own timing, to change my habits,

—to change my heart!

Empress Journee