Poem: Last night

Photo credit: Priscilla Du Preez

I made love to this body of mine, feeling the softness,’

Of the worn-out pillow case;

Took my mind for minute, off the misery of the world affairs:

I kiss my arms, sing a song, with my closed eyes:

Sing lullaby—to the wounded, inner child, for a second:

I swear it was you, holding me, like we first met, under the palm tree:

Then I got a case of blues; your image fade, I remember we parted;

Couldn’t take the pain of being a fool:

With rivers flowing endlessly, down my ladies?”

Memory recorded in my brain of your departure,

Reminding me, it was too much for you and I,

Still, I remember your beautiful smile:

And I pretend we dance to our Caribbean melody:

Last night I swear, I thought, I was holding you.

Empress Journee