Poem: Let Go and Let God

Photo credit: Iker Urteaga 

I pray this morning,

For my eyes to set upon your face:

With glowing praise and not disgrace,

And I sang a precious song I hear,

Ringing in my ear: “To God be the Glory,”

Each and everywhere:

I read the scriptures over and over,

Giving thanks he has save me;

Asking Christ—come into my life,

More every day, “Please Lord, do change me!”

And for you to see a brand new me,

As I hope in the midst of my quiet prayer–about you,

—you would have heard me so clearly:

That his presence shines light upon your steps,

And every stride you make, it would be magnificently;

Building great vision for you and me

And I hope it would lead you right to me:

I know you may not see my sacred and precious King

The one who formed me; yes, he is there,

Pruning, carving a better and a brand new me,

He is working his power—good works through me:

I pray this morning—harder, greater, passionately,

Than I did before—to forgive you, forgive me:

But I only heard repeatedly, “I Am God!”

“Let go and let God, make space for me;

—and leave you be!”

Empress Journee