Poem: Lord Keep Me Smiling
Photo Credit: Simon Berger

Lord keep my eyes and heart smiling,

When I feel up and when I feel low,

When days seem short,

And when days are long:

Let love reign continually in my life,

When life feel mystified to be unfold,

Whether I am young, middle age or old:

Let laughter reach to the magnificent,

Unreachable reigning and mighty star;

That is a mystery as the deep,

Green ocean pure and dignified:

Sacred, holy Lord thanks for the blessings,

Of great songs, poetic words, like a river,

Flows gentle, yet ever so steady:

Teach me be more, gracious like you,

Worthy; When the world feels,

Lonely — so unkind: Lord keep me smiling,

When I am up and when I am low:

Allow me to see the blessings every day,

Your magnificent presence, in my own,

And love one’s life: Thank you for great,

Wonderful, caring, compassionate,

Amazing, souls, that honor you

And those who have the best interest

Of all lives.

Empress Journee