Poem: LoVeSpeak

Photo credit: Mieke Campbell

To the sacred God: Thank you for breath:

I now know, the depths of your love; that its not for some but for all,

So let love be like a rainfall; cleansing hurt, sorrows of the heart:

Bring joy, great energy, in the deepest part of humanity,

And help us to stand tall: It is not when we decide, wish to be around;

After exploring, misusing, chastising, being stern and harming

— A confuse, meek, lonely, a precious child:

But by example, show you care, are there; for a long, long time:

Love is for mommies and daddies, who truly care, keep the home safe,

Watch, protect their child/children, far & near:

Love does not defame, invade, hate, but appreciate,

Keeps us safe, correct gently, motivate, does not dishonor,

Another person character, sanity; love is lasting and genuine;

Shape, mold us—uphold us, to become the greatness, of ourselves,

“Love is for me—for you, for all of us, all of the time!”

Empress Journee