Poem: ‘Loving Ourself’ 2023
Photo Credit: Tyler Nix 

“Look @ his face!”

"Are you able to decode his mind?"

“Does he seems serious, loving, proud?”

“Does he seems great—wise?”

“Does he knows your boundary?

“Does his words, action, gives you clarity,

“Touch your heart, helps you thrive?”

“Does his songs bring you home, when you are sad?”

When you try to hide, the tears, 

late hours at night?”

“Does he put you in your place—lovingly,

when you are out of line?”

“Can you decode his thoughts?”

How he think and see life?"

"Can you see through his mind?"

"Can you feel his heart beating beautifully,

Gentle, loyal, trustworthy, humble,

like he would feel mine?”

“Does he play the male games

of conquering, manipulation,

Twisted love, most of the time?”

“Look @ his face—does he seems truly kind?”

A reflection of you and I

“Or does he seems cold and warm, most of the time?”

“What about you? 

“Do you do these things—lovingly?”

“With a heart of cherish gold, 

above and beyond—all the time?”

"Or, do you find out, that you may never understand,

the male man, that are a genius, bless with wealth,

More than you and I?”

"While some of us dream to have a love so pure,

dream to have beauty, curvaceous body, 

a serious, wise mind,

Gentle, gracious, honey dew lips, 

sweet and kind: We are inspire by great minds, 

to love ourselves, keep the faith, 

as we push forward to greater visions 

for ourselves— love ones

Be gentle to the soul-body:

Be gentle to the mind:

Be gentle, if we can, most of the time.”

Empress Journee