Poem: Morning Glow

Photo Credit: Holly Pezant

 One: Morning Glow—let my songs, poetry flow

Two: Open the door to rich dreams

Three: That touch my soul—touch my life:

Four: Morning Glow—shine so bright!

Four: Bless me with great vision

Five: Let me soar like a shooting star, with your light

Six: Way beyond the galaxies of Pluto, Venus,

Mars, Milky Way, Comet, save my life!

Seven: Morning Glow, direct my soul to a heart

That is kind, compassionate—a heart humble

A great soul, perfect eyes: Let my center, be balance

Align with the stars, align my mind, be gracious and kind:

Welcome beautiful presence, that teach me how to succeed

What it means to forgive and let me be spiritually wise!

Empress Journee