Poem: Mother Divine

Photo Credit: Carolyn Christine

My mother sings to me
Before my heart beats beautifully
She touched me in my womb
I can sense her, so near to me
Touching my mind, observing
My tiny toes, fingers, every part of me
My Mother sings so gracefully—with love:
Before she welcomes me
Before my first breath, she comforts me
Before she kisses me, before my precious
Dew crystal, touched my skin,
Before I smile, before I take my first step
Before I sing—just like she;

Giving honor to him
That no one separate us, from the love

Of a great family:

My mother sing so beautifully,

I wish to be just like she
Because she loves me,

Because she love herself
And she loves him—truly:
So, I begin to sing,

Sing, to my heart—bravely
Even if it’s not as lovely as she.
I am thankful that my mother loves him
has much as she loves me.

Empress Journee