Poem: My Best Friend ‘Ollie’ 2021
Photo Credit: Cornelia Steinwender

Now—absent, leave me wondering,

“What have I done that allow her to part—to take flight?”

She and I would laugh, admire the men, we fancy,

cared deeply about, their—gifts, musical talents,

Some we thought, needed growth, found kind,

Shared poetic cultural dance? ‘O,’ was not a stranger;

She was wise, beautiful, of a royal physique, smiles,

Strong African presence; A great friend, I do not know,

Why, how come, what have been said, to allow,

Your absence? ‘O’, “I apologize, from the depths,

Of my heart, for what I, may have or not done,

To keep our friendship strong; Still, I hold you dear,

cherish great memories, hoping forgiveness,

And compassion, will forever, touch our hearts.

Empress Journee