Poem: My Father is a King

Poem: My Father is a King

Photo credit:  Ashton Mullins

I was told, my daddy is a King that I should not worry,

Because I am blessed, just worship him:

During the good times, bad times, there is no me, without HIM;

Hold my head high, even if it seems, I was not chosen,

To wear a sacred golden ring:

I must remember, the cross, he is working out all things;

I am sealed by his love and will have a place at his seat,

When it is the time to meet HIM:

I was told I was beautifully formed, in my mother’s womb;

That greatness lies in me, and in God’s word there is no deceit,

That I am wealthy & free, brought with a prize, by the blood of Jesus Christ who beholds me:

That every tear drops fall, my comforter sees, and will forever stand by me:

So I walk bold, gentle, strong, into my destiny, even if I or no one can see

—the many grand things, that he has prepared, lay out, just for me:

I am a diamond—rare, royal, irreplaceable; I am unique, this I told myself every day,

I remember love beholds me; So I pray to HIM, speak life, this promise over me, my love ones,

And the few who eyes behold HIM,—with the approval of God, I am unstoppable, unbreakable,

Because he loves, has blessed, save me: He is my Victorious, Wonderful, Awesome daddy, my blessed King!

Empress Journee