Poem: My Greatest Love 2023

Photo Credit:  Anna Logacheva

Beloved, thank you for all that you have done:

In your absence and presence, I hear

Your joyful songs: Calling each, and every one,
to become a human embodiment of love:
When I am up and when I feel low,
When love has given me the freedom to connect,

to soar, with those who may not wish to fly,

Those who never knew how to fly
those who lives have been enriched
By your presence, may feel love, shunned,

May feel unlove, those who may, have been wrong,

May just be unkind: Remind me, my precious,

Greatest, and dearest love,
How far you have taken us, how far, we have come:

Beloved, thank you for showing me
how to whisper, greatness in my life,
how to speak gentle love within, this frame of mind:
especially when life, may seems unfair,

when life may seem unkind:
And elevating, the soul, body—mind,
To become wiser, to become much more kind,

Beloved, thank you for showing me,
How to be a strong, humble, respectful,
positive, to sing great, mighty, magical,
Beautiful songs, when ‘aloneness,’ touches my life:
Remind me to be grateful, that ‘I am loved,
Like a musical, gentle chime tinkling

In the tiny part of my ear drum:

Thank you for touching hearts,
Like those with many languages,

Those with many tongues
Those with unconditional love
My dearest, my greatest, my finest
True love, thank you for allowing me to know,
‘I am one of your many unique daughters’
I am one of your many true loves.

© 2023 Empress Journee