Poem: My Love (Happy Valentine)

Photo credit: Jimmy Dean

“Tell me, when true love,

If you say you do, will touch—my heart?”

Not for some—but for all!

And my sorrows turn to crystal joy:

“When will songs create Divine lives?”

That blessed sacred womb,

With great DNA—the Sun and the Moon,

And keep us on the right path:

When will I see the face that tells no lie?

And has no disguise—yet love me, as I am,

Cradle my body and I won’t feel tainted,

Corrupted, if I disappoint—you;

That may turn from joy —to wrath:

“My love, when will true love come?”

Like a gentle rain, quiet storm, a mighty force;

—touch my broken heart, hold my hand,

Together we stand victoriously, brightly—not apart!

Empress Journee