Poem: My Poetic Heart

Photo credit: Lou Liebau

I will write a love song to you, even when your heart, seems,

So far away, that left me, feeling void, and at times blue:

I still can’t forget, the memory of the loving you,

I will write, a sentimental, poetic love song;

Only you, will understand: Although my love notes,

May not be written, in harmony, like some;

Asking the cosmic Universe—the mighty one,

To whisper sweet gentle secret, love songs,

To your heart, that will make you smile,

Part the clouds, touch the sky—reach you,

My dearest love; Bring great, rich energy, beautiful sunshine,

Wherever you are, whomever you are with, wherever you land;

That’s how much, I think of you, today, tomorrow,

Until true love, find you & I, my dearest heart, as one!

Empress Journee