Poem: My Time has Come 2021

Photo Credit: Visual Stories || Micheile

My time will come: It may not be this second, hour,

Minute, it may not be today—it will come!

It may not be tomorrow—it will come!

Am I being prepare? Yes, I Am! So, it will come!

My time will come! And when my time arrive at your timing!

I ask you to speak into my heart, yes—with your great poetic wisdom!

I will be more than a woman, a friend, a companion:

I will be your songbird, valued, respected, classy, proud,

I will be humble as you wish me to be—your quite lamb:

I will be a lady, ready to bring, great, men, women to rise,

—in unification, with compassion: There will be no division,

And we will be filled with more compassion, to make a difference,

For the youths, young men, women, elders, in our home, hearts,

And upon the land, that we walk, and stand:

My time will come, my time has arrived and I can see, the movement,

Of your magnificent people, and a glorious land! Yes, my time has arrived!

And I thank you Lord, for allowing your presence – speak volume to everyone:

You are mighty, sacred, you are Lord, over this land:

My time has come, this second, minute, hour, this year—my time has come!

And this is the greatest, sacred, and precious romance!

Empress Journee