Poem: “Not Schooled very Well”

Photo Credit: Milad Fakurian

Sometimes I get sad

When I am alone with myself

With those thoughts, that does not

Serve me very well:

I heard the echo of the past

Saying, “He don’t love you;

Take me instead!”

How foolish of I being afraid to say no,

In my brokenness: I knew then,

I had lost more of myself

Trying to prove to him,

That I am brave, that I love him–instead,

That which,  I could not find in myself!”

Chasing an illusion of love, from a so-called

Imposter—natty dread:

who despised himself, whose eyes are always

Seem to be distant, bleeding red,

Does not value, a young woman

Who think with her heart and not her head:

Sometimes I get so sad, that I was used,

Exploited, by being foolish, inattentive,

Not being gracious to myself

Not being schooled very well,

When I am alone in the silence,

When I am alone in my bed

Sometimes, ‘I get so sad,

That I was not schooled very well.

Empress Journee