Poem: Once I thought I felt Joy
Photo Credit: Zoltan Tasi

Once I felt joy when you were with me:

Then I felt confused, when the storm

Weighed, heavy, separate, us

— to a home, I wanted to flee:

Once I felt void, because your,

Familiar face — presence, 

No longer, compliment, the femininity, 

Powerful, loving child — brown skin, 

Woman, the Mighty One, that create,

And speak greatness, that I am,

Destine to be: So, I write this,

Poetic note, to flow, speak life,

Into existence — gracefully, 

To a daddy, I visualize, far, greater, 

Wiser, stronger, kinder, loving,

Compassionate, than what, was whispered to me;

And I thank, the glorious one, for my mommy,

That prayed wisely to keep me sane, in check,

Now passed on, to a greater place, 

Only, the Magnificent — great can see!

Empress Journee