Poem: One Day–A New Day

Photo Credit: Joshua Earle

One day I will fly to Brazil, Spain, Italy, Costa Rico,

Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe:

Meet great people, be an example of hope,

And honor my name

Treat me right and there is so much to gain:

One day my heart—will be close to my soulmate

A reflection that looks somewhat like me

That deeply knows, understood the silence,

Words of love, we do not have to say:

The smile in our eyes, body, and our face

Give great meaning—reflection, that brings joy

Shows we are mature and grown, in our understanding

With what comes our way, as we journey, along the way

One day, yes, one day, it will be a great romance

In every song, with poetic words

Of a new glorious, brilliant and an amazing day.

Empress Journee