Poem: Our Love is True

Photo Credit: Brian Lundquist

“There goes my heart again!” Like music play on and on

with you it seems, there’s no end: Embracing the greatness of you

Place into your hands–see you as my magnificent friend:

Treat my heart with care—compassion, like a gentle

Bloom petal, that grow and grow wishing for winter to end:

Hoping you’ll be wise, kind like precious,

Romantic notes—letters, seal with a kiss

forever love send: There goes my heart again,

Like sweet grape wine and rare perfume,

Fill with pure respect, joyful notes send:

I am inspired by you: I will dance and dance,

Sing your great songs to my heart,

“Don’t you know, our love is perfect,

Like a beautiful gem?”

I hope you see, greatness in me too

Like a revolutionary song, tasteful, graceful,

Upful and bright, if your love is kind, “I wish to say,

Thank you, to your poetic, freedom dance,

Precious romance that you extend!”

Empress Journee