Poem: Prayers to the God of All

Photo credit: Aaron Burden

I wish to rise, soar, with you in the blazing sun,

Over the moon, the clouds, the stars,

That brightens the sky, as you hold my hand:

I wish to run with you in the cascade beauty,

Of the serene mountains, river, the desert,

The concrete earth—as long as it’s with you & I;

And our story of joy and love never end, but just begun:

I wish to sing great uplifting melody, words, a new song;

That bring joy, healing—wealth to the heart,

While our eyes meet, we make love and our heartbeat,

Gently, like the Congo Drum:

I wish to stand, side by side, strong, in the white sand,

As we watch the beauty of the mystical ocean—dance,

In silence, we have arrived, this is our prayers,

To the God of all, to the Moon, and the Sun:

“This I wish for you and I, my beloved—my greatest love!”

Empress Journee