Poem: Prisoners

Photo credit: Asher Legg

I visit you in my innocence:

not looking for a husband nor a friend;

sing songs of hope to make a difference,

did not know the night mare you endure;

the dark hole within—you fought,

to prove your innocence:

still trap by the imprisonment;

behind bars, i saw victory—you,

with pure conscience:

Maybe I was wrong.

Maybe I was right.

Maybe in you was mischief.

My thoughts then—still now,

scream in silence:

Stand tall.

Do right.

Fight to stay alive!

I did not know then, the weight you carried:

for freedom;  to protect you, protect me,

to protect the innocent: I know now,

the battle you fought, was too deep to see:

the absence of love was all that you need!

Empress Journee