Poem: Question from The Inner Self (a close chapter)

Photo Credit: Rachel Moenning

Tell me, why should I be alone?
Is your heart not kind?
To see the greatness and the representation
of love, that is so hard to find,
And the awareness, you are mine:

Tell me, why should these tears;
Trickle pass my chest?
And allow my soul;
To feel very vex?
When I lost myself to you.

Tell me, why should I go solo?
Is my heart—face, body, my mind
not pleasing, pleasant to you?

Before you say farewell, or I do
to another, please remember,
the times, we dance, kiss, laugh,
the tears, now a frown, not a smile:
You have woken my consciousness
To the struggle, to love me more,
that felt, life was meaningless,

And so unkind!

Empress Journee