Poem: Runaway Bride

Photo Credit: Dylan Nolte

……………I use to want to get married,

Who me? Could it be?

That it was all in my dream,

And that it was a lie:

In unspoken words’

I had too much weight—I was carrying;

I use to love your arms around me at night;

Not knowing one day I would flee,

I would take a flight:

I use to like your hugs and kisses,

Until your weight in bed was missing;

So I seek warmth from others who seems

Like princes—you may say,

“Have you lost your head?”

Not knowing big brother was watching;

It turns out, I was lost

and that I was missing you — my friend:

New faces, broken heart, had me weeping,

All a long it was me who was in need of fixing,

Now I am thankful that each day,

I am moving forward with my healing,

And I can smile even in the absence,

of your great self.

Empress Journee