Poem:  Sacred Presence

Photo credit:  Juliane Liebermann

In silence you walk amongst many and I imagine I am one with you:

Your grace is unimaginable: “Speak love into our hearts with your poetic songs!”

That have us dancing, moving slow, gentle, to a raging sea,

To your poetic songs and command peace reign in everyone!”

Sacred Presence your voice strong, deep, echoes softly,

Speak to the Universe, Mother Earth, in poetic tongues:

You make thunder roar, seas calm, lovers hold hands,

Sky smile—you bless a dry and unnourished land:

With your gentle, mighty rain—you command all, to be still,

Walk and take a stand— you are perfection!”

Even the eagles abides to the depths of your voice,

Oh so grand, as they soar higher and higher, gracefully,

Across many land, “Your Sacred Presence is God!”

Empress Journee