Poem: Sing to my Heart

Photo Credit: Fuu J

Beloved: My chest feels tight, like a roaring sun
Light up the soul, cleanse all toxics energy
drench by the blaze of your heartbeat dance:
When love seems far, detach, not so kind,
when life, feels like a re-run:

Sincere Heart: My chest feel light, like a butterfly
When I hear your great chanting songs
And my heart begs for your great return
My true and genuine love:
As I learn the lessons, hear the calling
Of what it means to be gentle
To my precious soul-body
And the wise spoken words
Of the kettle’ drum:

Dearest: My chest feels calm, like an alluring,
Beautiful, river, an interesting ocean
Near the white beach sand:
Sending poetic notes, with invisible words,
Like mystical songs:
‘I am the bass,’
‘I am the chime, the harp’
‘I am the dancing greeting drums’

Empress Journee