Poem: Sometimes 2022
Photo Credit: Taylor Heery

Sometimes, I smile, laugh out loud,
When gloom tries to oppress my space,
My inner life:

I remind myself to be gentle,
To be polite, to this heart of mine:
And let my thoughts, takes flight higher
Than sorrows, joy to the I am!

A Brilliant, tranquil place, 
that allows my heart
To send rays of sunshine, 
“Great is the I Am!”

Sometimes, I write sweet poetic
Magical words, nursery rhymes 
to my heart: "Beautiful, beautiful, 
“Yes I am!”
“Gracious, generous, brilliant, 
that I am!”
Affectionate, compassionate, brave,
Articulate, “Thanks to the I Am!”

“That is my sweet meditation!”

“I am never alone, his presence around”
Like the rising sun, the moon, 
The sparkling stars, the colorful sky, 
like an infant baby—tender, wise, 
Precious, “that I am!”

“Thanks to the grace,
Of the loving, “I Am!”

Empress Journee