Poem: Speak to My Soul
Photo Credit: Marivi Pazos

Speak to my soul, lovely words;

And I won’t look any further:

Even when I am aged,

I want to dance with you;

Oh, so, gracefully:

And speak mindfully,

That every part of me,

Feel free — brave, where;

Your heart won’t lie, behind,

Those gorgeous eyes:

Let me feel proud standing,

With you, by my side:

Like a beautiful, rare,

Precious gardenia rise;

Higher and higher, where rain,

Sprinkle, shower of blessings

—all the time:

Let your songs be classy,

Bring romance so amazingly;

In my soul — yes, my mind:

So, speak my love, to my soul,

Lovely and poetic words,

That have my heart dancing,

Smiling all the time.

Empress Journee