Poem: Spiritual Sense
Photo Credit:  Ashton Mullins

When I was young, I never saw myself,

As a beautiful princess; For I was confuse,

Saw beauty, more in someone else:

When I was an adolescent, I try to find love,

In places, that was not so exemplary, dignify;

My expectations failed me very well:

I was seen as gullible, unwise,

Lack spiritual maturity, inauthentic,

Not the greatest beauty, friend,

Talk too much, lack positive attributes,

To some of them: Now that I am middle age,

Pounds I have gain, in various places;

My mind has taken me, on a self-worth,

Powerful journey, that brought tears,

Joy, hope, life lessons, trying to fit in,

And being my authentic self:

Yet, Glory to God, I am finding love,

More within, “I thank God for teaching me,

The danger, of being unwise;

Giving me hope, through his word,

And much more, spiritual sense.

Empress Journee