Poem: Still, I Am loving You

Photo Credit: Oswaldo Ibáñez

I miss, dancing with you, that touches my heart,

Clear away, the deepest blues:

No drama—just great frequency,

Between you and I:

I miss you, telling me, sweet and kind words,

In our beautiful world; I felt, time spent,

Brought radiant colors, to the sky, to the earth,

To our heart, great sunshine, clear away the grey,

The shadows of the sky and that our love

Was very much true:

I miss dancing with you, that touches my heart,

Your absence, has made me question, your motive,

Your love, “Was it all, really true?”

I miss, dancing with you, I miss, dancing with you:

Still, from a distant, I am thankful—for the truth,

I will hold, great memories of our dance, your smiles,

As truth: I am still, loving you!

Empress Journee